Sign a Letter of Commitment

This website provides a Letter of Commitment template to showcase laboratories and health care organizations interested in creating or reinvigorating opportunities for clinical placement training of medical laboratory technologist (MLT) students. The Letter advocates for dedication and investment to ensure such organizations work with key decision makers to increase clinical placement sites/student spots while maintaining a high standard of training.

For organizations planning program reviews or initiating improvement strategies, senior managers and leaders might not be aware of the health human resource (HHR) shortage of medical laboratory technologists in Canada, the importance of the CSMLS initiative to increase academic seats and clinical placement spots across Canada or the collaborative model taken to identify and validate supporting evidence. It is important to raise awareness and gain the support of such influential health care leaders so that change initiatives can be actioned.

The messages contained within the Letter can be used as the platform for initial dialogue with key managers and leaders responsible for decision making on matters of training, safety/quality improvement and human resource allocation. The initial communication may take the form of a meeting, where the content of the letter is used as the basis for discussion. This can then be followed up by a memo, letter or email as appropriate for the local context.

The Letter is a sample of what your organizations can support through signing and submitting to CSMLS; therefore, where appropriate, local information can be inserted or the text modified to reflect local style. Please forward an electronic copy of this Letter, with signatures and official letterhead, to Sierra Paprocki, Executive Assistant to the CEO -  SierraP@csmls.org. This letter may be displayed on the CSMLS website or used in other communications with stakeholders.

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