National Medical Laboratory Week

Celebrate National Medical Laboratory Week

April 09-April 15, 2023

Be a Lab Week Leader!

National Medical Laboratory Week is just around the corner and we’re counting on our members to be Lab Week Leaders! Lead the way this year by celebrating and advocating for your profession.


There is no better way to learn about the profession then directly from a medical laboratory professional. This is your chance to let the public know what you do!


Celebrating is the best part! This is YOUR week – so why not make a big deal of it?
Plan a celebration for you and your co-workers to celebrate the hard work you do and your vital role in health care.

There are several things you can do to advocate and celebrate and CSMLS has the tools to help you! Our Lab Week Handbook has information, tips and tools to help make your Lab Week extra special this year!

Stay tuned to the CSMLS Facebook, Twitter and eNEWS for more information about ordering and downloading FREE Lab Week promotional items to organize the best Lab Week ever!


Since 1985, CSMLS has sponsored a special week in April to promote awareness and understanding of the role of medical laboratory professionals in the health care system. National Medical Laboratory Week is a vehicle for our members to celebrate and raise awareness of their role in health care.

Traditionally, CSMLS provides free marketing collateral and resources to enable members to create displays and engage in grassroots marketing activities in order to spread their message and educate the general public.

Raising awareness of laboratory work helps our members experience increased job satisfaction, better workplace morale and high recruitment and retention in the profession.

To learn more about medical laboratory professionals and the impact they make in health care, visit the website.

National Medical Laboratory Week 2016: This is only the beginning

From April 24 to 30, 2016, medical laboratory professionals across the country celebrated National Medical Laboratory Week. The annually dedicated week is not only a chance to celebrate each other’s hard work, but an opportunity to educate the public about the role the lab plays in health care.
The theme of the campaign, “This is only the beginning…” featured a photograph of common sample containers, typically the only interaction the public has with the lab.

The website information went beyond the sample to show what happens between giving a sample and getting results from the doctor. An interactive website walked users through each discipline of the laboratory, what goes into preparing a sample and various tests that are performed in the lab – giving the public an inside look at what happens to their samples and how a diagnosis is determined.


National Medical Laboratory Week 2015: We’re Here for You

Our 2015 National Medical Laboratory Week campaign aimed to show how medical laboratory professionals work around the clock to provide accurate and timely results vital to medical decisions. The campaign officially kicked off on March 2 when we released all the tools necessary for our members to spread the message; “We’re here for you”.

We began by releasing the ‘We’re here for you’ video which highlighted the connection between the work done in the lab to patient care. The scenes show a lab professional at work during her night shift to patients in the hospital that are relying on laboratory test results.

To help our members spread awareness, we created the website, made available to the public. The interactive website noted the video, and details about the profession.

Again this year, we launched The Pocket Project, sending custom designed pocket protectors to a select group of prominent Canadians asking them to tweet themselves wearing it. We were pleased to have Clara Hughes, Olympic cyclist and speed skater and Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party, take part in the project.

With the help of the actions of our members and of lab professionals across the country, we were able to make a large impact. Thank you to all of those who participated.

Join us in celebrating National Medical Laboratory Week next year from April 24 – 30, 2016.


National Medical Laboratory Week 2014: Born Lab

For the 2014 NMLW campaign, we focused on celebrating the real reason that our members are called to this profession. The campaign was called, Born Lab, because we felt that medical laboratory professionals are not made, they are born. We wanted our members to embrace who they are and be proud of their life’s work.

The campaign officially kicked off on March 6 with the launch of the Born Lab website. On the website visitors could either enter to learn more about the medical lab profession, or start the lab week celebrations.

New this year, we developed the Celebration Toolkit. The toolkit included several do-it-yourself items such as printable stickers, customized cake decals and downloadable stat cards. As always, we offered free promotional swag, such as brochures and posters, for CSMLS members to order.

Members appreciated the “self-serve” aspect of the toolkit as it was a convenient way of getting the materials they needed and could continue to access items throughout the campaign. Over 2,500 items were downloaded throughout the campaign.

In the lead up to Lab Week, we announced a component of the campaign that we had been working on for months prior to the launch. We were able to reveal the results of The Pocket Project. This project was initiated to encourage prominent Canadian influencers to help us celebrate and show support for medical laboratory professionals. We delivered customized pocket protectors to prominent Canadians asking them to tweet a photo wearing it in support of lab professionals.

The photos we received were displayed on our Born Lab website, as well, were used in further promotional materials on social media platforms. We received photos from George Stroumboulopoulos, Don Cherry and MP Irene Mathyssen in support of the project.

The campaign put the spotlight on medical laboratory professionals, what they do and how they make a daily impact in the lives of others. Thank you to all the lab professional who participated in this year’s campaign and help to raise awareness.

Join us next year as we celebrate National Medical Laboratory Week from April 19 – 25 2015.


National Medical Laboratory Week 2013: Our Focus is You

This year’s national awareness campaign took a collaborative approach to educating the public about the important work done in the lab.

Beginning on February 27, the CSMLS kicked-off the campaign by asking members to select the key messages they felt were important for the public to know about the lab. Then every other week, between March 7 and April 18, there were activities that members could participate in that would provide a real-life glimpse behind the closed doors of the lab. Members sent their comments, tweets and photos through emails, Twitter and Facebook. 

Each activity was turned into an interactive piece of information and added to the Our Focus is You website. The website was constantly growing throughout the campaign, with new material added weekly.
The result was a unique and informative website that was a collaboration between the CSMLS and the members who contributed.

During the campaign, National Med Lab Week content was shared over 3,000 times on Facebook alone, reaching an audience of 250,000, and over 7,500 website views.

We want to thank the following organizations for their support. Their generosity helped to make this a fun and successful campaign.
Mark’s Work Wearhouse
The Keg
The Michener Institute
St. Mary’s General Hospital
Grand River General Hospital

We hope that everyone took some time to both celebrate and help raise awareness during this one week in the year when the spotlight is focused on the lab.


National Medical Laboratory Week 2012

CSMLS members across the country celebrated their profession with NMLW activities leading up to and including the week of April 22-28. The campaign kicked off on March 1 with the launch of the NMLW members’ web page.

The webpage included a variety of special actions designed to help inform others and celebrate the medical laboratory profession. Collectively, CSMLS members took 7,600 actions to promote and celebrate the medical lab profession. These actions included sending eCards to colleagues, downloading a profile picture for Facebook and sharing the official NMLW video.

Our Focus Is You

Patient care is supported by medical laboratory professionals. You may never see them, but their impact is broader than you may think


The online video had an overwhelming response that CSMLS decided to air the video on national television. The commercial was shown during CBC’s The National and on The Weather Network during the National Medical Laboratory Week.

We want to thank all the members who participated in the campaign. For every action taken, we are one step closer to raising awareness about the importance of laboratory professionals in health care.




National Medical Laboratory Week 2011

The 2011 National Medical Laboratory Week (NMLW) campaign was a huge success thanks to the support and participation of our members. The NMLW video officially hit 25,000 views with everyone sharing the video through email, Facebook and Twitter.

As an added push to get our message to the public, CSMLS aired the commercial on CBC’s The National and on CTV’s Canada AM during NMLW.

Our message has been heard loud and clear – You know, because we’re here.

Knowing Matters

The Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science is proud to help recognize the contribution our members make to patient care across the country.



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