Annual Report 2018

Message from the CEO

Christine Nielsen
What a productive year 2018 turned out to be for the Society! We made great strides to address the health human resource shortage by creating and launching the Call to Action (CTA). Through our efforts, we were able to put a name and number on the projected shortages of medical laboratory technologists in Canada. We have been pleased to see interest throughout the country; programs, employers, associations and regulators have been jumping on board to support collaboration as a means to sustain the workforce in the interest of patient safety and timely laboratory test data. These efforts in 2018 are setting the ground work for capacity building. We have been looking at the role of simulation in education and training as a capacity builder, ensuring quality and quantity of clinic placements and acknowledging the critical role all players in the laboratory team play. Next stop? The provincial level, where key stakeholders, governments and institutions can align with the Call to Action to prepare for the future. While the Call to Action was a prominent project in 2018, we were also working diligently on other initiatives. I encourage you to read the rest of the annual report to learn about the many other accomplishments achieved by the Society throughout the year.

Message from the President

Lisette Vienneau
As the 2018 CSMLS President, I was able to witness many accomplishments unfold for the national medical laboratory profession. Out of these, one highlight stood out to me the most. At the Annual General Meeting, the membership voted to add a medical laboratory assistant (MLA) director position to the CSMLS Board of Directors. The MLA Director position will ensure better representation of the CSMLS membership at the Board level. With this, we can expect that all medical laboratory professionals, including MLAs, will have a consistent voice year over year. This representation will also allow the CSMLS to achieve one of the key areas in our Strategic Plan, which is to "make CSMLS indispensable to our members at all stages of their careers." This includes being able to deliver value to our members and offer products and services that are useful to both medical laboratory assistants and technologists. CSMLS strives to be the medical laboratory profession’s one-stop shop for everything, and the MLA Director position on the CSMLS Board of Directors is one step in the right direction. While we are working towards great things, we always remain cognizant of our members’ financial investment in us. I would like to invite you to download and review our financial summary which you will find in this annual report.

CSMLS Mission : To advance the medical laboratory profession through certification, education and advocacy.

To do this, we focus our efforts through these four values:







Strategic Plan


We developed our four-pillared strategic plan to keep us focused on the best interest of all our members in the present and future. These pillars help the Board of Directors and staff make decisions that align with the organization’s common goals.

Empower medical laboratory professionals to succeed in a dynamic and challenging work environment.

Make CSMLS indispensable to our members at all stages of their careers.

Advocate for solutions within the health care system on behalf of the medical laboratory profession.

Be the acknowledged leader for certification in medical laboratory science across Canada.


2018 Board of Directors


Lisette Vienneau


Mary Costantino

Past President

Maria Klement

Vice President, Director, BC & YT


Joel Rivero

Director, AB & NT

Greg Dobbin

Director, Atlantic

Danielle McLennan

Director, Bilingual


Patricia Verbeke

Director, MB & SK

Nancy Bergeron

Director, ON

Lucie Alain

Director, QC


Year in Review

  1. CSMLS hosted Adopt-a-Clinic during National Medical Laboratory Week to allow volunteers to talk to blood donors about the role of the medical laboratory profession in health care. The Society announced a new and ongoing partnership with Partners for Life, a national blood donation program by Canadian Blood Services.
  2. In collaboration with Becton Dickinson and Company (BD), presented the Ontario Phlebotomy Symposium in Toronto, ON, with five speakers and four presentations. Registration exceeded expectations (165+).
  3. The Objective Lens podcast was awarded two Gold Quill awards by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).
  4. CSMLS established the Content Advisory Committee, comprised of 14 volunteers across the country in varying disciplines, to guide the development of relevant, valuable laboratory-related content, such as articles, podcasts, videos and knowledge products.
  5. The Educator Committee, a new forum by which CSMLS and the educator community can have meaningful conversations and foster knowledge sharing, had its inaugural meeting.
  6. To continue our government advocacy program, CSMLS went to Ottawa for its annual Lobby Day. While there, CSMLS discussed enhanced simulation education as a means by which to increase the supply of new laboratory professionals. Overall, it was a successful Day on the Hill (42 meetings).
  7. Received funding from the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration for a Diversity Training Project as well as for the creation of a practice test for medical laboratory technology. The objective of the Diversity Training Project is to develop two to three diversity products, derived from existing resources, which are customized to meet the specific needs of the medical laboratory community.
  8. The following members were appointed to the Board of Directors as elected by the membership: =>
    Krista Urchenko, Director, Ontario
    => Kal Randhawa, Director, British Columbia/Yukon
    => Nancy Bergeron, Vice President – elected by Board of Director members
  9. The questions in the MLT practice test were designed by subject matter experts to mirror the high-stakes version of the certification exam.
  10. CSMLS brought a live learning event to Winnipeg, MB, where 48 attendees learned about social marketing campaigns by the Winnipeg Health Region.
  11. LABCON took place in Ottawa , ON, at Brookstreet Hotel, where we welcomed 249 delegates, 54 exhibitors/vendors and 43 attendees to the Managers’ Intensive Program sessions.
  12. Content was updated on the Mental Health Toolkit, including the mental health national indicators, the quality of work life national indicators (in collaboration with Sonography Canada and Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists) and faces of mental health.
  13. Launched an MLA practice test to help students prepare for the certification exam. Students who take the test would get a sense of the types of questions, the length of the exam and how the questions are worded. All competencies were covered in this test, with 150 questions.
  14. Offered “Introduction to Electrocardiography (ECG),” a new course to keep up with new competencies and on-the-job expectations.
  15. Released the Call to Action to the public. The Call to Action was created to address the national, regional, immediate and long-term efforts required to change the health human resource shortage of medical laboratory technologists within Canada.
  16. CSMLS held an educational event, The Windsor Symposium, for local laboratory professionals in Windsor, Ontario, at Caesars, with four sessions and 32 attendees.
  17. Created a call for volunteers to create an expert panel for a new Choosing Wisely Canada project in collaboration with University of Alberta.
  18. Co-hosted Uniting Simulation Education with SIM-one, an event to map simulation usage to competencies and identify current simulation curricula available to students.
  19. Laid the foundation for computer-based testing (CBT) for all four certification exams. CBT would bring our examination processes to the forefront
    of best practices for high-stake exams.

Lab Tours


Throughout the year, CSMLS continued its pledge to advocate for medical laboratory professionals by facilitating lab tours with federal and provincial decision makers in their local riding laboratories.

Through these advocacy efforts, we provided government representatives with the opportunity to observe the important work medical laboratory professionals perform and their impact on health care across Canada.

MLA Daniel Davies, Fort St. John Hospital & Peace Villa Facility Laboratory, Fort St. John, BC

MP Dr. Colin Carrie, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Oshawa, ON  

Sarah Watson (on behalf of MP Stephanie Kusie), Rockyview General Hospital, Calgary, AB

MP Raj Saini, St. Mary’s General Hospital, Kitchener, ON

MP Wayne Long, Saint John Regional Hospital, Saint John, NB

MP Wayne Stetski, East Kootenay Regional Hospital, Cranbrook, BC

MP Irene Mathyssen, London Health Sciences, Victoria Hospital, London, ON  

MP Tom Kmiec, South Health Campus, Calgary, AB

MP Bob Zimmer, Fort St. John Hospital & Peace Villa Facility Laboratory, Fort St. John, BC


Our Members


MLA : 155
MLT : 539
TOTAL : 750

MLA : 42
MLT : 113
TOTAL : 171

MLA : 195
MLT : 796
TOTAL : 1,191

MLA : 161
MLT : 651
TOTAL : 906

MLA : 7
MLT : 441
TOTAL : 578

MLA : 743
MLT : 2705
TOTAL : 4,344

MLA : 115
MLT : 763
TOTAL : 1,033

MLA : 39
MLT : 531
TOTAL : 689

MLA : 237
MLT : 1197
TOTAL : 1,685

MLA : 74
MLT : 1840
TOTAL : 2,138

MLA : 4
MLT : 22
TOTAL : 28

MLA : 7
MLT : 31
TOTAL : 41

MLA : 3
MLT : 9
TOTAL : 15

Total membership: 13,779


Distinguised Fellowship Winner


As a member benefit, CSMLS offers grants, scholarships and awards. These benefits call congratulations to those who have shown excellence in their profession, to help members continue their professional development and to aid students in their education.

In 2018, CSMLS was proud to award Aleatha Schoonover as the recipient of the 2018 Distinguished Fellowship Award. Distinguished Fellowship is the highest level of recognition that can be bestowed upon a member to recognize significant achievement and contributions to the field of medical laboratory science in one of the areas of:

  • Scientific achievement
  • Education
  • Management/quality management/patient safety

Aleatha is a long-standing member of the CSMLS and has demonstrated consistent professional advancement with certification, education and advocacy throughout her laboratory and academic career paths that span over three decades. She embraces the values of integrity, accountability, respect and commitment as shown by her academic leadership and program development at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. She sought and received national accreditation for four eligible programs with the maximum term awarded each time. Aleatha is an inspiring leader and is well known for her internal drive for excellence that creates a culture of learning, investigation and continual improvement.

Congratulations to all grants, scholarships and awards winners.


2018 CSMLS Volunteers & Key Contributors


We are thankful for those who generously contribute their time and expertise for the benefit of the medical laboratory profession. The Society’s existence and growth are built on the support of volunteers and contributors who willingly give to the profession.

Terrence I. Akister Evelyn E. Moreau Wendy R. Bryan John C Chapman
Eric Pun-Wai Ching Sharon Leal Andrea L. Dowling Laurie L. Hart
Victoria E. Massey Glen M. Johnston Luc Bernard Lafrance Jan E. Maxwell
Lynn J. Yawney Anne P. Rigg Chee-Yuen Meaney Marion R. McChesney
Kathleen Gagliardi Masaye Tanaka Richard B. Thomas Rosemary S. Drisdelle
Sheila M Woodcock William R. Younger Leslie A. Cameron Diane Marie Perry
Patricia L. Verbeke Lydia Elizabeth Keczem Bharat Gandhi Paul Bradbury
Maria A. Klement Eleanor Joan Hooley Ruth Ann Creaghan Mary A. Costantino
Kathleen F. Thompson Kimmberly E. Deydey Helene M. Goulding Susan H. Findlater
Colleen A. Moran Rosalie A. Richard Mario Hemens Catherine J. Fraser
Tricia Lynn VanDenakker Krista M. Patriquin Bernard W. Hartung Johane Arsenault
Isaac Aliche Linda Joy Stang Audrey Elaine Saxton Donna L. O'Neill
Marcela R. Navarro Nancy J. Delaney Janice Jones Heather R. Mauthe
Nancy J. Bergeron Susan L. O'Dwyer Lyne Nadeau Kalwinder Randhawa
Wendy June Mellen Lisa C. Denesiuk Claire Cascadia Hilscher Mark James Hawkins
Helen Ruth Smith Gregory Dobbin Hollie L. Turner Felisa Rosenberg
Robin E. Thompson-McAvoy Shirley A. Nan Cheri G. Burant Suzanne Denise Cornelis
Lisette Vienneau Connie Thurber Joanne Lynn Isber Darcy R. Gara
Josephine M. Thompson Adam Henry Chrobak Lucie Alain Linda R. Kappel
June Dufresne Keri-Lynn Huwald Scott MacDonald Lisa E. Purdy
Jennifer S. O'Leary Kerry L. Waterman Roberta A. Martindale Larissa M. Fadish
Sherri D. Beckner Kimberly Lee Wheelans Vincenza Cinzia Pascale Christopher J. Ward
Heather Ann McMullen Rafik Farouk Amir Ragheb Arlene V Murray Janette Ohler
Nancy C. Lemelin Julie B. Carruthers Lavern R. Bourne Carlos R. Pereira
Leona Hendricks Joël G. Rivero Brenda Jean J. Gamble Marlene L. Rebizant
Amanda D. VanSpronsen Joe Kevin Costello Lucia Del Carmen Cueva Shawn Ingersoll
Maryanne Stewart Jessica Rose Lacasse Melissa King John Tzountzouris
Corey J. Murray Andrex Lee Chetankumar M Jariwala Peter Bridge
Jelena Holovati Kenneth Wong Rania Elhalabi Serge-Pierre Tremblay
Katherene Ogbulafor Arundhati (Aruna) Kolhatkar Denise J. Evanovitch Andre J. Caron
Ismaila T. Amusat Ikechukwu U. Agbassi Kristi Lew Danielle N. McLennan
Jennifer Enman Stephanie M. Eccles Karen Anne Beatty Jamie Joyce Luck
Chelsea E. Busby Brandy J. Callahan Heba Abukhadra Carolyn L. Hallett
Mylene A. Theriault Gregory Hardy Rebecca Ma Amanda J. Hess
Amy A.L. Carver Susanne Marie Folco Rena Clark Andrew Hartel
Hema M. Desai Jennifer L. McCulloch Kristen S. Crocker Michele L. Sykes
Mark Ballantyne Danni Zhang Malcolm Ashford Karen M. Matejka
Amanda M. Cocca Rajesh R. Ramoutar Joshua M. MacDonald Amy M H Jansen
Melissa J. Walsh Brady A. Knight Christine Frantz Joanna Sin
Valentin Villatoro Kwabena S Boateng Lisa R. Mantifel Katherine Chorneyko
Kendra J. Soukeroff John E. Soltys Terence M Litavec Elwood Chan
Brittany P. Waring Jaime M Lesik,  Anna E. Haasen Tarnnumjahan M. Sayed
Kara L. Garnett Mary Allison Shields Ainslay D. Kerr Patricia C. Longpre
Oluwabukola M. Akinloye Meagan L. Homer Kim Alkalay Mathew R. Carter
Krista Urchenko Llora Alejandro-Yarema Roxanne N. Suchan Erin L. Helmer
Irene R. Campo Ivan Aditya Hansika Deepak Ryan A. Moxsom
Allison P. Belfall Melissa S.M. Mikl Alyssa G. Cole Kathy Chun
Shazia Tabassum Judy Tran Mario J. Dumouchel Vanessa T. Gray
Ma. Catherine Y. Ancheta Maria Roussakis Brendan O'Brien Elizabeth D. Officer
Sydney Redpath Patrick Bate Ayuk Amanda Paolucci Jingwei Chen
Kirandip Gill Eoin O'Grady Denise Alano Kenisse A. Trotman
Tamara Chambers-Richards Stephanie Taylor Summer Ewing Deanna Z. Tomas

Donors to Grants, Scholarships and Awards

We are grateful for the generosity of the following supporters of the CSMLS Grants, Scholarships and Awards. We are able to continue our commitment to support our members professional growth because of their financial contributions.
Jahangir Abdi Ossayed Al Awor Dominique Allard
Edna Almodovar Michael Ashbee Glynis Babbey
Dominga Badongen Jamie Brown Christina Canticas
Benie Tagala Constantino Barbara Jean Cranch Nicholas Dibdin
Denise Evanovitch Janice Rosanne Friedenberger Barbara Hall
Olga Harrison Emily Ihasz Susan Jackson
Pritpaul Ruby Jaswal Kristin Juenke Andrea Lea-Stoddart
Kulvinder Mannan Mélanie McLean Bonita Miller
Margot Beverly Newton Christine Nielsen Wesley Nishi
Jason Noonan Judith Ann Pateman Jessica Romano
Alicia Rykenhuizen Nancy Scott-Langille Anna Templin
Pauline Tomlin Alice Wagner Michael Waters
  Sophie Suet-Ching Wilson  

National Voice

As the national voice of Canada’s medical laboratory profession, CSMLS represents the needs and concerns of medical laboratory professionals when working with laboratory and health care-related organizations. CSMLS Board of Directors, staff and volunteers attend meetings, conferences and events on behalf of CSMLS members and the entire medical laboratory profession. Here is a sample of where your voice was heard in 2018:
  • Leaders Roundtable on Immigration – Conference Board of Canada
  • Health Action Lobby (HEAL)
  • Mohawk College Program Advisory Council Meeting
  • Technical Committee for Health Education Accreditation – Accreditation Canada
  • MLT Bridging Program Visit/Presentation – The Michener Institute of Education at UHN
  • Career Fair – The Michener Institute of Education at UHN
  • Canadian Coalition for Public Health in the 21st Century
  • Registration Committee – College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario (CMLTO)
  • Anderson College of Health, Business and Technology’s Third Annual Scientific Day
  • Annual General Meeting – Canadian Association of Allied Health Programs (CAAHP)
  • KnowledgeLab 2018 – Clinical Laboratory Management Association
  • CSA Technical Committee on Medical Laboratory Quality Systems
  • Exploring Sim: Appropriateness and Need in MLS Education – University of Ontario Institute of Technology
  • AGM – Research Canada
  • EQual Canada Program Council Meeting (Accreditation Canada)
  • AGM – Canadian Network of Agencies for Regulation (CNAR)
  • Canadian Association of Pathologists Council Meeting
  • Call to Action (Exploring Simulation) – LifeLabs
  • Radiation Therapy Grand Rounds – Durham Regional Cancer Centre
  • Chief Delegates Meeting – International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Science
  • What’s New at CSMLS? Presentation – 2018 Saskatchewan Society of Medical Laboratory Technologists (SSMLT) Fall Conference
  • Learning through Social Media Presentation – Newfoundland and Labrador College for Medical Laboratory Science (NLCMLS) 2018 Fall Education Symposium
    ST. JOHN’S, NL
  • Touchstone Institute 360 ̊ Communication Program Advisory Committee
  • Mental Health Toolkit Presentation – Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program
  • Presentation – CSMLS Mentorship Program Pilot – Canadian Network of Agencies for Regulation (CNAR)
  • Future of the Profession and Mental Health Toolkit Presentations – British Columbia Society of Laboratory Science (BCSLS)
  • Health Workforce Planning When Half of the Professionals are Eligible to Retire Presentation – Canadian Health Workforce Conference (CHWC)
  • Call to Action Presentation – Health Human Resources for MLT and MLA across Canada
  • CSMLS Code of Ethics Workshop – Maritech
  • Exploring Simulation: Appropriateness and Need in MLS Education Presentation – Maritech
  • CSMLS Scope, Purpose and National Issues Webinar – New Brunswick Community College
  • Operationalizing Simulation Nationally in a Profession to Counter Health Human Shortages Presentation – SIM-One Expo
  • Always Room for Improvement Presentation – The Canadian Association for Prior Learning Assessment (CAPLA)’s Recognizing Learning 2018 Conference

Previous Years


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