Leadership Team

Christine Nielsen
Chief Executive Officer

Joe Davies
Chief Financial Officer

Michael Grant
Director of Marketing & Communications

Staff List

Office of the CEO

Christine Nielsen: Chief Executive Officer
Jennifer Barrett: Executive Assistant
Laura Zychla: Researcher

Certification & Prior Learning Assessment

Lorna Zilic: Manager, Certification & Prior Learning Assessment
Jennifer Barrett: Administrator, Certification & Prior Learning Assessment
John Soltys: MLT Administrator, Certification & Prior Learning Assessment


Membership & Finance / Learning Services

Joe Davies: Chief Financial Officer
Michele Perry: Manager, Learning Services
Lucy Agro: Administrator, Learning Services
Laetitia Baley: Bilingual Administrator
Dayna Travale: Administrator, Member Services
Hope Brown: Bookkeeper
Katherine Coles: Human Resources & Operations Coordinator
Diana Dwerryhouse: Translator
Nolan Grupe: Database Administrator

Marketing & Communications

Michael Grant: Director, Marketing & Communications
Cathy Bouwers: Communications Manager
Natalie Marino: Marketing & Events Specialist
Radmila Minor: Executive Assistant, Marketing & Communications
Ashley Rego: Marketing & Communications Associate

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