Lab Tours

As part of our ongoing advocacy efforts CSMLS continues its commitment to increase awareness for medical laboratory professionals through lab tours for Members of Parliament (MPs) in their local riding laboratories.

The tours continue to be a vital part of CSMLS’s advocacy campaign to bring awareness and understanding of the med lab profession directly to our federal decision makers.

2015 Lab Tours

CSMLS President Tania Toffner & MP Mike Allen tour the lab at Upper River Valley Hospital in Carleton County, NB

CSMLS President Tania Toffner, MP Mike Allen & the staff of Upper River Valley Hospital in Carleton County. NB

MP Mike Allen looking through the microscope at a PB smear

MP Mike Allen standing next to the prestigious ISO15189 PlusIQMH accreditation

2014 Lab Tours

MP Joe Daniel (centre) gets in-depth education about testing by North York General laboratory staff. Photo credit: North York General Hospital

MP Dean Allison (second from right) visits West Lincoln Memorial Hospital Laboratory

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