Volunteer Opportunities

The CSMLS is grateful to our members who are willing to contribute their time, knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the medical laboratory profession.

Listed below is a description of the types of volunteer roles within the Society.

In addition to these, there are many other opportunities that we recruit for throughout the year. We send our Calls for Volunteers on our homepage, or through our eNEWS.

  = Currently Accepting Applicants

  = Not Accepting Applicants at this time

  Board of Directors Opportunity

The Nominations Committee is currently seeking candidates interested in running for the following Board of Directors Positions:

  • Director, Quebec
  • Director, Manitoba/Saskatchewan

The terms will begin January 1, 2024, and each is a three-year term. If you are interested, please forward your name to Sierra Paprocki, Secretary of Nominating Committee, at and a Nominating Committee member will contact you.

OR you can self-nominate if you collect 10 signatures from current CSMLS membership. The nomination form and additional information can be found here:

Agreement for Nomination Nomination Form Running for Office

The final slate for the election will then be prepared by the Nominating Committee and the electronic voting will open in the Spring. Election results will be announced at the 2023 Annual General Meeting.

  Angoff Workshop

Description: To determine the pass score for each certification exam. Pass scores are determined using a modified double Angoff method. Volunteers are subject matter experts representing the profession from across the country.

Please note participants must not be an educator of an MLP program.

Duration: 3 day workshop

Meeting(s): 3-day live meeting in Hamilton, ON

Eligibility: CSMLS members in good standing. Exam panel committee members are invited to attend.

CSMLS Area: Certification

CSMLS contact: Lorna Zilic ( and Shandra Tournay (

  CSMLS Educator Committee

The commitment will be for two meetings annually, with additional collaboration as required.  It is expected that meetings will be held virtually with the potential for one live meeting a year.  Live meeting expenses will be covered by the CSMLS.

This will be a 3 year term, renewable for 1 additional term.  There will be staggered expiration terms, for continuity, for those Committee Members beginning in 2018.  Representatives will be appointed to ensure geographic representation.  The Chair will be a CSMLS Board Appointee (for a two year term).  Ex-Officio members will be the CSMLS Chief Executive Officer and the CSMLS Director of Certification and Prior Learning Assessment.  This committee is accountable to the CSMLS Board of Directors.

Applications not being accepted at this time.

If you have any questions, please contact the certification department at or 1.800.263.8277 x 8683

  Content Advisory Committee

Description: To help ensure that CSMLS content production is linked to the needs of the professional community and content produced is relevant and valuable to members.

Duration: 1 year, renewable term

Meeting(s): Quarterly teleconference

Eligibility: CSMLS certified member in good standing

This committee will serve an advisory role to the CSMLS to influence and guide the development of laboratory related content.

We are not accepting applications at this time.

  MLT & MLA Item Writing Sessions

CSMLS will be conducting two to four MLT General item writing sessions in 2018 with the goal to develop a MLT General practice exam. Currently we are considering the following dates: February 9 – 11, 2018, and March 9 – 11, 2018. If you are interested in participating please contact Lorna Zilic at with your availability and resume by January 15th, 2018. If you are not available on these dates please indicate dates that you are available.

CSMLS will be conducting two MLA item writing sessions in 2018 with the goal to develop a MLA practice exam. We have not yet set a date but we are looking at February, March and May.  If you are interested in participating please contact Lorna Zilic at with your availability to participate in a three day session (Friday to Sunday), along with a copy of your resume by January 15th, 2018.

Note: You can participate in more than one session

  Exam Panel

Description: To develop and maintain the national certification examinations. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Prepare, review and update CSMLS examination blueprint and prepare CSMLS examinations
  • Review examination drafts, examination performance and reference text list
  • Participate, as requested, in: Angoff sessions, Item Writing Workshops, and revisions of competency profiles

Duration: 3-year term

Meeting(s): One live 3-day meeting annually, in Hamilton, ON. Teleconferences as required.

Eligibility: CSMLS member in good standing, practising in: General MLT or Diagnostic Cytology or Clinical Genetics or MLA

CSMLS Area: Certification

  Exam Fast Track Item Writing

Description: To develop and review exam questions using the Competency Profile and Reference Textbooks.

Duration: 4 day workshop

Meeting(s): 1 live, 4 day, meeting in Hamilton, ON

Eligibility: CSMLS member in good standing and subject matter expert

CSMLS Area: Certification

  Competency Review Taskforce

Description: To review, edit and finalize the current competency profile. This process includes communication with stakeholders via feedback and validation surveys, to ensure stakeholder feedback in the competency profile.

Duration: 6-18 month term

Meeting(s): Teleconferences as required.

Eligibility: CSMLS member in good standing, from all aspects of the profession, as required. Exam panel committee members are invited to attend.

CSMLS Area: Certification

For more information click here

Please share this opportunity with your colleagues.
Application Deadline is July 13, 2022.

  Grants, Scholarships and Awards (GSA)

Description: To review and maintain the guidelines related to each award, and to review applications in order to make recipient recommendations

Duration: 2 year staggered term

Meeting(s): 3 annual virtual meetings (Spring, Summer and Fall)


  • CSMLS members in good standing; educators given preference
  • Current Board members
  • Current Board members with prior experience on GSA committee     

CSMLS Area: Membership

For more information or to be considered for this opportunity please email by Friday February 17th, 2023.

Please include a letter of interest and your resume/CV.

  Scientific & Education Review Committee

We are not accepting applications at this time.

  Research Ethics Board

Description: This committee reviews all CSMLS research meetings/projects in which human subjects are involved for their ethical soundness and potential to contribute to the body of knowledge about the health professions. This may also include external requests for ethics reviews submitted by partners or stakeholders for CSMLS.

Duration: 2 years

Meeting(s): 0-3 meetings a year. Meetings are determined by the number of research proposals submitted.

Eligibility: CSMLS Member in good standing. Preference will be given to those with experience in the research ethics and document reviews.

This committee will work along side the Office of the CEO. If you are interested in applying for this opportunity, please send your Resume/CV and a letter of intent, to by March 7th, 2022.


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