National Report Card

The CSMLS provides, collects and reports data on the examination performance for accredited medical laboratory programs in Canada. The report specifies how many candidates from each program challenged the CSMLS certification examination and the pass rate (the percentage of candidates that passed the exam) for each individual program.

The purpose in releasing this data is two-fold:

  1. To strengthen CSMLS’s accountability to the membership and to other key stakeholders for the certification programs for which the CSMLS is wholly responsible.
  2. To provide a tool for education programs to monitor and analyze the impact of program change when compared to their peer group, as well as a resource when working with administration and government to address future program change.

In compliance with federal privacy laws, the information is provided in aggregate form and does not include any identifying information of individual examination candidates. Only programs with more than one candidate in the exam session were included in the report. Each program receives a copy of the report prior to publication in the CJMLS and on the CSMLS website.

In order to provide valid comparisons of graduates from accredited training programs, the report only includes performance data of first-time examination candidates. It does not include any supplemental exam candidates’ results, or data from other exam candidates, such as bridging programs or prior learning assessment eligibility.

This report contains exam performance data from the last three sessions. 

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Latest Session: December 2020

Year Average

All Data Average

 Required Score to Pass [Angoff] 
December 2020October 2020August 2020June 2020February 2020
National Report Card
 December 2020October 2020August 2020June 2020February 2020
[11] College of the North Atlantic (CNA)NRNR100% (34/34)NRNR
[12] Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC)NRNRNR87.1% (27/31)NR
[13] New Brunswick Community College (NBCC)NRNRNRNR91.7% (11/12)
[15-01] College communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick (CCNB) Campus de Dieppe, NSNRNR87.5% (7/8)NRNR
[15-02] College communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick (CCNB) Campus d'Edmundston, NSNRNRNRNRNR
[20] Dawson CollegeNR70% (7/10)NR100% (5/5)NR
[22] Cégep de RimouskiNRNRNRNRNR
[30] Cégep de I'OutaouaisNRNRNRNRNR
[32] Cambrian CollegeNRNRNR94.7% (18/19)NR
[43] St. Clair CollegeNRNR89.4% (17/19)NRNR
[44] St. Lawrence CollegeNRNRNR100% (10/10)100% (14/14)
[45] The Michener Institute of Education at UHNNRNRNRNR91.7% (66/72)
[46] University of Ontario Institute of TechnologyNRNRNR100% (32/32)NR
[51] Red River CollegeNRNR85.7% (24/28)NRNR
[61] Saskatchewan PolytechnicNRNRNRNR73.9% (17/23)
[71] Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)96.4% (27/28)NRNRNRNR
[72] Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)NRNR97.2% (35/36)93.3% (14/15)NR
[73] University of AlbertaNRNRNR95% (19/20)NR
[81] British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)NRNRNR95.6% (65/68)NR
[85] College of New Caledonia (CNC)NRNRNR85% (17/20)NR
Nationwide96.4% (27/28)70% (7/10)93.6% (117/125)94.1% (207/220)89.3% (108/121)

[Institution Number] Institution
Pass Rate (Passes / Attempts)
NR = Not Reportable: Training programs with less than five (5) exam candidates attending an exam session will not be reported; the data is not statistically significant.

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