CSMLS News & Updates

  • Exam study tools available

    MLT and MLA practice tests are now available help students prepare for the Certification Exam. Read more
  • Who are you?

    When people don’t fully understand your work and how important it is to patient care, you might feel unseen or unappreciated. We want you to tell the world: who are medical laboratory professionals? Read more
  • Health care regulation in BC

    The government of British Columbia has asked for public input regarding the review and reform of the province’s professional regulation colleges. Read more
  • Freedom of Expression

    In a recent Ethics on Demand article, we describe a national story where a health professional made a social media post that criticized the quality of health care a family member received. The individual was fined $26,000. Read more
  • Accreditation Position Statement

    On November 25, CSMLS released the statement “Accreditation of Medical Laboratory Science Education Programs” regarding third-party accreditation's role in upholding the quality continuum for each medical laboratory professional’s journey from student to practitioner. Read more
  • Mental Health Tools for Educators

    Mental health affects everyone, especially students. Read more
  • Jobs, jobs and more jobs

    With the CSMLS job bank, finding your dream job in the medical laboratory profession is as easy as 1,2,3. Read more
  • New webinars

    Many of the trending topics from LABCON2019 are now available as online webinars. Read more



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