CSMLS Certification Exam Update: Remotely Proctored Testing

Remote Proctoring for Computer-Based Examinations

Registration is open to candidates who have successfully completed, or will successfully complete, an EQual™ accredited Medical Laboratory educational program 14 days to 12 months prior to the Exam they register for.

For a list of EQual™ accredited Medical Laboratory educational programs please see.

Registration is open to all PLA clients who have received a Statement of Eligibility to the CSMLS National Certification Exam, as listed on their statement, providing the Eligibility Statement is not expired.

All candidates will be verified as eligible to the Exam prior to the Exam they have registered for. If you are found ineligible to the Exam and your registration is cancelled, you may lose that attempt (considered a fail) and you may receive a partial or no refund, depending on timing. For our cancellation policy, please see below.

The CMLTM Council has decided not to approve the RPT method for the entry-to-practice examination in Manitoba at this time. Until further notice, the CMLTM Board of Assessors will not accept any examination results in fulfillment of its registration requirement where the examination was delivered via the RPT method. The CMLTM Council will seek to obtain further information and will revisit its decision once further consultation with CSMLS and input from stakeholders is conducted and additional examination data is available.

Accordingly, the CMLTM wishes to notify all potential Manitoba examination candidates and all stakeholders that there may be an impact to the registration eligibility for those individuals who choose to write the examination via RPT and wish to register in Manitoba.

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