Annual Report 2017

Message from the CEO

Christine Nielsen
This was a busy year for CSMLS as we continued the dialogue on the use of simulation in clinical placements and confirmed the accreditation plan for education programs. By exploring simulation with key stakeholders, we are able to build knowledge, navigate new relationships and move into brave new areas that require commitment and innovation. We have invested considerable resources into exploring what’s possible. For over a decade, we have endeavoured to find a way to overcome future challenges in our industry with the impending wave of retirements. I’m proud of the solutions we are pursuing. One of our greatest accomplishments this year was finalizing the plan with Accreditation Canada for accrediting education programs. It took almost two years and the involvement of over 100 stakeholders in medical laboratory science and beyond. Aligning ourselves with such a reputable standards organization is exciting and sets the profession up for future success. Overall, I feel that 2017 signified the wheels of change. With the progress we have made, CSMLS is now looking ahead to a brighter future.

Message from the President

Mary Costantino
Being the 2017 CSMLS President was in a word, inspiring. Putting together a new strategic plan that will help mobilize and strengthen our Society for years to come was unquestionably one of the highlights. This new strategic plan empowers our members to succeed in the ever changing and challenging work environment by growing our services, programs and tools. Our goal is to demonstrate the value of the Society to our members throughout all stages of their career. CSMLS will continue to advocate for our members at both the national and provincial levels and continue to collaborate with our regulators and employers for certification and standard setting. This is certainly no small feat and we are respectful of our membership dollars and work diligently to provide the best value for our members’ investment.

Strategic Plan

The CSMLS operates as a membership association with regulatory functions, taking on regulatory elements including creation of competency profiles, certification exams and prior learning assessments.

We recognize the importance of working with provincial partners in supporting our members across Canada since health and education are provincial/territorial domains.

We work to increase the value for members by reviewing current benefits and determining where we could add.

Educators are important to the success of future medical laboratory professionals. We are working to enhance our current relationship with educators.

Year in Review

Our Members

MLT : 548
MLA : 171
OTHER : 20
TOTAL : 770

MLT : 115
MLA : 33
TOTAL : 164

MLT : 833
MLA : 188
OTHER : 63
TOTAL : 1169

MLT : 653
MLA : 158
OTHER : 35
TOTAL : 881

MLT : 487
MLA : 5
OTHER : 51
TOTAL : 571

MLT : 2,910
MLA : 843
OTHER : 243
TOTAL : 4328

MLT : 800
MLA : 117
OTHER : 66
TOTAL : 1041

MLT : 565
MLA : 38
OTHER : 69
TOTAL : 694

MLT : 1,483
MLA : 248
OTHER : 92
TOTAL : 1927

MLT : 2,026
MLA : 85
OTHER : 103
TOTAL : 2237

MLT : 23
MLA : 2
TOTAL : 26

MLT : 28
MLA : 5
TOTAL : 34

MLT : 12
MLA : 4
TOTAL : 16

Total membership: 14,084

Featured Volunteers

CSMLS is grateful to our members who are willing to contribute their time, knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the medical laboratory field. We owe our existence and decades of growth to our volunteers; not just a few, but the thousands who have given something back to their profession. Here are a few of our dedicated volunteers to tell us, in their own words, why those chose to give back to the society.

Becoming a volunteer means giving of yourself and learning from others. Getting involved as volunteer with CSMLS gave me the opportunity to work and learn from some of the top lab professionals in the country.
Marcela Navarro, LABCON Volunteer

By volunteering I am helping shape the work force of tomorrow. CSMLS has been an inspiring community that has nurtured me through my career. By volunteering, I hope to be a guiding force to the next generation of Laboratory Professionals.
Hansika Deepak, Exam Panel Volunteer

In volunteering for the CSMLS, I feel that I am challenging myself personally and honing transferable skills such as communication and leadership and helping to move the profession forward through professional engagement and education.
Valentin Villatoro, CSMLS Ambassador

I feel that volunteering with CSMLS provides invaluable experiences. Allowing myself to network with other MLAs across our country not only gives me insight into different work environments, but also an understanding of the variety of jobs our career offers nationwide.
Allie Shields, Angoff Volunteer

Donors to GSA

We are grateful for the generosity of the following supporters of the CSMLS Grants, Scholarships and Awards. We are able to continue our commitment to support our members professional growth because of their financial contributions.
Edna Almodovar Gina Alvarez Joan Isabel Andersen
Michael Arbuckle Colleen Atkinson Rizza Balagosa
Ursula Anna Bunn Natalie Campbell May Yee Mai Cheng
Benie Tagala Constantino Nancy Delaney Nicholas Dibdin
Denise Evanovitch Ruth Farrow Leah Feliciano
Ross Fredericks Connie Gittens-Webber Barbara Hall
Olga Harrison Nancy Harvey Megan Homer
Angela Lyne Jackson-Lee Kristin Juenke Karen Krasic
Edward Pochung Mak Margot Beverly Newton Christine Nielsen
Wesley Nishi Jennifer O'Leary Mary Jane Padua
Judith Ann Pateman Carmen Maria Pavan-Falco Linda Rathburn
Karen Rumson Sheila Scharf Nancy Scott-Langille
Sharon Lynne Sutherland Sharon Sutton Dominique Theberge
Lisette Vienneau Sharon Webber Shannon Lee Yaredic
  Carrie Young  

National Voice

As the national voice of Canada’s medical laboratory profession, CSMLS represents the needs and concerns of medical laboratory professionals when working with laboratory and health care-related organizations. CSMLS Board of Directors, staff and volunteers attend meetings, conferences and events on behalf of CSMLS members and the entire medical laboratory profession. Here is where your voice was heard recently: 
  • Post-licensure employment outcomes for internationally educated MLTs - Government of Canada (teleconference)
  • Crystal Ball presentation - University of Alberta Hospital & DynaLife Diagnostics (Edmonton, AB)
  • Bridging Program Advisory Council Meeting - Mohawk College (Hamilton, ON)
  • Alternate Careers presentation- Conference Board of Canada (webinar)
  • Faculty Development Talk: Using Knowledge of Generational Differences to Improve Communications - Michener Institute of Education at UHN (Toronto, ON)
  • Generations in the Workplace presentation - Peterborough Regional Health Centre (Peterborough, ON)
  • Inter Professional Event (IPE) - St. Lawrence College (Kingston, ON)
  • Subject Matter Expert Working Group: Communication Competency - Touchstone Institute (Toronto, ON)
  • The Canadian Coalition for Public Health in the 21st Century (CCPH21) (teleconference & Ottawa, ON)
  • Health Action Lobby (HEAL) (Ottawa, ON)
  • Medical Laboratory Quality Systems Meeting - Canadian Standards Association (CSA), (teleconference)
  • PLA Process - HealthForce Ontario (HFO) (Toronto, ON)
  • Generations in the Workplace presentation - Trillium Health Partners, Credit Valley (Mississauga, ON)
  • Canadian Association of Allied Health Programs (CAAHP) Conference (Ottawa, ON)
  • Canadian Immigration Summit - Conference Board of Canada Leaders Roundtable on Immigration (Ottawa, ON)
  • Leading Across Generations – Generations for Managers presentation - LifeLabs (Toronto, ON)
  • Generations in the Workplace presentation - Cardiovascular Perfusion Conference (Toronto, ON)
  • Canadian Association of Pathologists (CAP – ACP) Council Business Meeting (Charlottetown, PE)
  • Indigenous Health Research in Canada - Research Canada (Ottawa, ON)
  • Roundtable Luncheon - The Australian Consulate General and the Queensland Government (Toronto, ON)
  • International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Science (IFBLS) Meeting (Hamilton, ON)
  • 2018 Congress - British Columbia Society of Laboratory Science (BCSLS) (Kamloops, BC)
  • Manitoba Conference for Medical Laboratory Science (Brandon, MB)
  • Fall 2017 Symposium - Newfoundland & Labrador College of Medical Laboratory Science (NLCMLS) (St. John’s, NL)
  • Annual Provincial Scientific Conference 2017 – New Brunswick Society of Medical Laboratory Technologists       (NBSMLT ) (Moncton, NB)
  • Canadian Network of Agencies for Regulation (CNAR) (Halifax, NS)
  • Culture in Laboratories presentation - Credit Valley Hospital (Mississauga, ON)
  • National Patient Safety Consortium - Canadian Patient Safety Institute (Toronto, ON)
  • A Personal Touch Increases CSMLS Exam Success presentation - Canadian Association for Prior Learning Assessment (CAPLA) (Toronto, ON)
  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Meeting, (Med Labs) and SMC ISO/TC 212 (Mississauga, ON)
  • An Evening with The Lacks Family (Toronto, ON)
  • Generations in the Workplace presentation - University of Toronto, Genetic Counselling (Toronto, ON)
  • Lab Utilization Symposium - Mount Sinai Hospital (Toronto, ON)

2017 CSMLS Volunteers & Key Contributors

Lucie Alain Isaac Aliche Ma. Catherine Y. Ancheta Malcolm Ashford
Patrick Bate Ayuk Maryam Baghalha Mark Ballantyne Karen Anne Beatty
Nancy J. Bergeron Michelle F. Bernard Ivan Blasutig Lavern R. Bourne
Sharon Breau Catherine Mary Brown Wendy R. Bryan Jason W. Burleigh
Brandy J. Callahan Amy A.L. Carver Betty Sin Wah Chan Katherine Chorneyko
Adam Henry Chrobak Kathy Chun Amanda M. Cocca Jana Cole
Alyssa G. Cole Alain Collette Mary A. Costantino Donna L. Cottle
Lucia Del Carmen Cueva Melody J. Czarnota Hansika Deepak Kimmberly E. Deydey
Gregory Dobbin Stephanie M. Eccles Larissa M. Fadish Susan H. Findlater
Susanne Marie Folco Catherine J. Fraser Angela Gatt Helene M. Goulding
Gregory Hardy Laurie L. Hart Mark James Hawkins Amanda J. Hess
Claire Cascadia Hilscher Chris A. Hirtle Michelle Hoad Julie A. Horne
Dawn M. Hutchinson Camille A. Jackson Glen M. Johnston Janice Jones
Linda R. Kappel Ainslay D. Kerr Maria A. Klement Arundhati (Aruna) Kolhatkar
Andrex Lee Nancy C. Lemelin Kristi Lew Patricia Ellen Ludlow
Joshua M. MacDonald Belinda J.M. MacKinnon Lisa R. Mantifel Curtis J. Martin
Victoria E. Massey Jan E. Maxwell Marion R. McChesney Danielle N. McLennan
Heather Ann McMullen Kelly Ann McPherson Patrick A. Mercuri Melissa S M Mikl
Colleen A. Moran Corey J. Murray Marcela R. Navarro Myhanh Ngo
Delaney Lee Nickerson Brendan O'Brien Elizabeth D. Officer Katherene Ogbulafor
Moses O. Ogunkunle Jennifer S. O'Leary Krista M. Patriquin Carlos R. Pereira
Diane Marie Perry Rajesh R. Ramoutar Kalwinder Randhawa Rosalie A. Richard
Anne P. Rigg Joël G. Rivero Felisa Rosenberg Maria Roussakis
Mary Allison Shields Joanna Sin Paula E. Steeves Roxanne N. Suchan
Harvey Donald Suski Michele L. Sykes Ryan C. Sykes Masaye Tanaka
Stephanie Taylor Jason E. Tilling John Tzountzouris Krista Urchenko
Amanda D. VanSpronsen Lisette Vienneau Valentin Villatoro Melissa J. Walsh
Tamar Patreeka Webster Kimberly Lee Wheelans Kenneth Wong Svitlana Yaremenko
  Danni Zhang Yu Li Zhang  

Previous Years

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