Awareness and Promotion Grants

Boosting Mental Health in the Workplace

CSMLS is excited to offer clinical laboratories, health care organizations and accredited academic programs a second opportunity to support awareness and promotion of mental health wellbeing in the medical laboratory profession (medical laboratory assistants/technicians and medical laboratory technologists) through grant funding for:

  • a creative mental health awareness and promotional event
  • creation and distribution of mental health product(s), and/or
  • advocacy efforts for mental health awareness.
Examples: Hold a mental health awareness party for your lab, create poster boards on mental health and place them in highly visible locations around your hospital and lab, hold a team meeting dedicated to mental health, invite a guest speaker for lunch or go to a mental health awareness event to advocate for improved mental health in the laboratory. Don’t forget to promote the value of your profession as well!

It is expected that the assistance received from these funds will help contribute to the mental health of medical laboratory professionals locally, provincially and/or nationally through creative promotion and awareness activities. 

Not accepting applications at the time.

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