Resource on Indigenous Health

This page provides tools and resources on Indigenous culture, health, terminology and statistics. Below we include information about the relation between health, laboratory and patient care.

Where do I start: Indigenous culture

Cultural awareness can improve how health needs are viewed and met. The key to having effective health care interactions is to understand the roots of someone’s thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Introduction to Indigenous Peoples

Introduction to land ownership


These resources will help you understand the diversity of Indigenous culture as it relates to symbols, colours, foods and popular books by Indigenous authors: 

Terminology & Statistics

Indigenous cultures are diverse. Language is fluid and constantly changing; Canada is still working to figure out the best language and terminology to recognize all First Nations, Métis and Inuit. Here you will find resources on appropriate terminology:

Tell me more

These interactive pieces will show more about Indigenous history and communities:

The Objective Lens

Health care in remote and indigenous communities poses unique challenges. In this episode, CSMLS The Objective Lens podcast speaks with professionals who are on the front line of northern and indigenous health care to gain insight into the obstacles these communities face, and how the lab can work side-by-side with them to resolve these challenges.


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