Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLT)

Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLTs) are an important part of the health care professional team. Using a variety of complex instruments, they analyze tissue samples, blood and other body fluids as a part of the diagnostic procedure. MLTs provide the results of these sophisticated tests to physicians, allowing them to make accurate diagnosis and if needed, appropriate treatment.

MLTs specialize in several areas:

Clinical Chemistry

Conducts tests on blood and body fluid to detect chemicals, hormones and/or drugs.

Common Test: Blood Glucose (blood sugar) to diagnose and monitor diabetes.

Clinical Microbiology

Conducts tests on blood, body fluid and/or tissue samples to detect bacteria, fungi, viruses, and/or parasites.

Common Test: Throat swab to detect strep throat.


Conducts tests to measure blood cells and to detect diseases/disorders of the blood.

Common Test: Hemoglobin Test to detect anemia.

Transfusion Science

Conducts blood typing and blood compatibility tests.

Common Test: Cross-matching for blood transfusions.


Prepares samples of body tissue for tests to detect disease.

Common Test: Biopsy of a breast lump.

Other speciality areas include immunology, electron microscopy, virology, parasitology and flow cytometry.

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