Medical lab professionals shine brightly (in indigo) amidst a global health crisis

April 12, 2021
HAMILTON, ON - In the past year, more Canadians have come to understand the relationship between their health and laboratory testing. What’s still not fully understood is that COVID-19 is just one of the 1.2 million tests conducted by medical laboratory professionals on a daily basis.

Spearheaded by the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS), April 11 - 17, 2021 is National Medical Laboratory Week, a time to recognize the work done by the medical laboratory professionals who are essential to all health care. This year's Lab Week campaign is asking Canadians to Take a Closer Look at the work these health care professionals do, during COVID times and each and every day.

"Lab professionals are an essential part of the patient care system but their work is done behind closed doors so the public does not really understand how valuable it is," says Joël Rivero, CSMLS President. “Being central to Canada’s COVID-19 response has put a spotlight on these professionals and I’m so proud of how they have all stepped up to the challenge.”

Central to the campaign is an image of a lab coat - a symbol of the profession.  However, the coat you see in the campaign, is no regular lab coat.

Printed on the coat in microscopic indigo type, are the names of the 1.2 million lab tests done each day in labs across the country; tests that help diagnose and treat the thousands of health issues that impact Canadians such as cancer, auto-immune diseases, diabetes and, most recently, COVID-19.  Indigo was chosen for the colour as it represents confidence, intelligence, truth, trust, ambition, and devotion – all characteristics of hard-working lab professionals.

Throughout the week, medical laboratory professionals will be using social media and digital tools to share the core message of the campaign - asking friends, colleagues and patients to learn more about their work by visiting the website:

"While Canadians have done their civic duty and stayed home, medical laboratory professionals took their place on the frontlines of the pandemic response and work vigilantly day and night to support the care of the nation,” says CSMLS CEO Christine Nielsen. "For our members it has been a long, stressful, and challenging year but that makes it all the more important that we take a moment to celebrate and show our gratitude."

The campaign also includes the Lights for Lab Week initiative, where landmarks throughout the country will be lit up in indigo. During National Medical Laboratory Week, there will be over a dozen lightings, including the Vancouver Sails, Calgary Tower, CN Tower, Niagara Falls, and more. For a full lighting schedule, please visit:

The Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science is the national voice and certifying body of Medical Laboratory Technologists and Assistants (MLT/MLAs). Founded in 1937, CSMLS represents over 14,000 members across Canada.

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Michael Grant
Director, Marketing & Communication
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