Research Reports

Health Human Resources

SARS: A Reminder, a Warning and Opportunity

Describing Mental Health Issues for Medical Laboratory Professionals in the Workplace

Medical Laboratory Technologists National Human Resources Review

Newly Certified Graduate Employment Survey

  New Graduate Survey Archives

Clinical and Simulation-based Education

Simulation-Based Learning in Medical Laboratory Education: Current Perspectives and Practices

Clinical Placements for Canadian Medical Laboratory Technologists: Costs, Benefits and Alternatives

Current State of Medical Laboratory Science Programs (August 2016)

Recent Graduate’s Clinical Placement Experience within Medical Laboratory Science Programs across Canada (August 2016)

Simulation and Clinical Placement National Forum

Prior Learning Assessment

Bridging Programs For Internationally Educated Medical Laboratory Technologists: A Business Case

Addressing the Competency Gaps in IEMLT

CSMLS online self-assessment tool for PLA readiness of internationally educated medical laboratory technologists

Language Proficiency Testing for Internationally Educated Medical Laboratory Technologists: Validating Cut Scores and a New Testing Tool

Language Proficiency Standard Setting

Investigation of Language Assessment Tools and Benchmarks Necessary for Success for Internationally Educated Medical Laboratory Technologists

Prior Learning Assessment and Internationally Trained Medical Laboratory Technologists

Integration of Internationally Educated Health Professionals

Alternate Careers

CSMLS Workforce Integration Project Report

Needs Assessment: Peer Support Network for Internationally Educated Medical Laboratory Technologists

House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration: Recognition of the International Experience and Credentials of Immigrants

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