Navigating the Learning Centre

  Logging In

  1. Go to and click on the blue Login button or click on Login from the Learning Centre page on the CSMLS website.
  2. You will be brought to the login screen.
  3. Login in using your existing user credentials. If you are unsure how to login, please refer to the onscreen written instructions.
  4. Once you are logged in you will land on the Learning Centre Welcome page.
  5. From here you can enroll in a course through browse the catalogue, go to your learning center to view current courses you have already enrolled in, view your completed courses or submissions.

  Course Catalogue

You can access the course catalogue in two ways:

  1. One way is from the Learning Centre page on the CSMLS website.
    • Click on Course Catalogue>Course Offerings. This will display the various course categories.
    • If you add a course to your cart you will be returned to the login page. Once logged in you will have to re-add the course to your cart.
  2. The ideal way to access the catalogue is after you have logged into the Learning Centre.
    • Once logged in, choose Browse Catalog.
    • You can search the catalogue by course number or keywords using Search Catalog or
    • You can browse the catalogue by category. Choose a category from the list of categories to display the associated courses.

Viewing course details

In the list of courses, webinars and quizzes you will see the course name and code, a short description pricing and Add to Cart button.

  • To see more information about a course click on the course name to display the learning outcomes, Author/Instructor, Version date, applicable PEP hours and/or CPS credits as well as the price. Scroll down to view all information
  • If this is an Intensive course you will notice there is also an attachment (make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page). This document contains information on the assignment and/or exam due dates as well as information on cancellation and postponement. A start date will display in the course title and below the description for courses beginning on specific dates.

Enrolling in a course

To enroll in a course simply click on Add to Cart. Further information can be found in the Course Purchase section.

  Course Purchase

Once you have decided on a course, click on Add to Cart.

  1. A message will display indicating the course was added to your cart.
  2. You can add additional courses to your cart if you wish.
  3. Click on the shopping cart icon located in the blue toolbar on the right when you are ready to checkout.
  4. From the Shopping Cart, you can Remove the course if it isn’t the correct course or you can proceed to checkout.

Proceed to Secure Checkout

  1. Click the Secure Checkout button. At this point you will have to confirm your billing address. Your address should be pre-populated, if it isn’t please fill in the required fields marked with an asterisk
  2. From the Payment page, choose your credit card type and fill in all required fields and click the Pay button.
  3. This next page is confirmation of your purchase, for details, click on the order number.
  4. Two confirmation emails are sent:
    • ‘Confirmation of purchase/enrollment’. Click link to view details.
    • ‘You have successfully enrolled in a CSMLS course/exam’. Click link to view activity.

  Learning Centre Navigation

The first screen you will be brought to when you enter the Learning Centre will be the Welcome page. From this page you can:

  • Resume a specific course in progress.
  • Go to Your Learning Center to view the courses you have registered in. From this page you can see:
  1. Current courses you are registered in
  2. Completed courses
  3. Submissions
  4. To add external training click the three horizontal dots.
  • Browse Catalog’
You can also access these pages by clicking on the icons in the left vertical toolbar.

To end your session, click on the circle with your initials or profile picture to display a dialog box. From here you can:

  • Go to the Getting Started page
  • View your Settings
Here you can personalize how information is displayed within the Learning Centre only. Please contact CSMLS If you would like to change your language, email address or password for further instructions.
  • Account>My Orders to view previous registrations
  • Sign out of the Learning Centre

  Course Navigation

The first screen you will be brought to when you enter the Learning Centre will the Welcome page. Click Go to your Learning Center to view courses you are currently enrolled in.

  1. To begin your course click on the blue Launch button.
  2. You will be brought to the course content.
  3. The course description, learning outcomes and other important information is displayed. Hover over any icon in the tool bar for a description of its use.
  4. For express courses, click Next to display the course material PDF. Course material should load automatically, if it does not, please use the link provided.
  5. For intensive courses, you will have to accept the CSMLS Academic Dishonesty Agreement before your course material will be released. Click the next page icon to view the Academic Dishonesty Agreement.
    1. Click on the blue Start button, read the agreement, check the box, enter the date and click Submit Test to indicate your acceptance of the agreement.
    2. Upon submission you will be assigned new content material. To access the course material click on “Take Me There”.
    3. Use Next to scroll through the course material pages to complete the course.
  6. Please view the Exam Navigation section for details on taking an exam.
  7. To receive a certificate of completion for an express course you must successfully challenge the final exam.
  8. The last step in finishing any course will be to complete the Postwork (course evaluation survey).
  9. Click on Exit on the bottom left of your screen. Click the blue Launch Postwork button and follow the onscreen instructions.
  10. If you wish to review the course material after you have completed it, it can be found in your Completed tab. Click View Course.

Note: If you are enrolled in an intensive course you will still navigate course material following the instructions above. The difference with an intensive course is that you will have:

  • Multiple units to review. Click on title to open the unit. Use Next to advance or click ‘Contents’ to choose a unit.
  • Assignments to submit throughout the course as well as a final exam. Assignment submission instructions are provided within the course material.

  Exam Navigation

  • The final exam is part of the course content.
  • Scheduled courses have a set exam date.
  • Self-paced courses – you choose the date.
  • The score displayed when the exam is submitted may not be the final score if manual marking is required.
  • For intensive courses, please review the course guide for information specific to the course.

Navigating an exam:

  1. Review the Final Exam Information before proceeding.
  2. Click Next. Be sure to read the information provided.
    • Do not submit the Exam Security Agreement until you are ready to write the exam.
  3. Click Next. Then click Start to view the Exam Security Agreement.
    • Check the box, enter the date and click Submit Test.
  4. Click “Take Me There” link.
    1. Click Next.
    2. Make sure to review all information provided before starting the exam.
  5. Click Start to begin exam.
    • A dialogue box will display, click Start Test.
    • Timer will display on the screen.
    • Use the buttons on the bottom of the page to navigate through the exam.
    • DO NOT click here while taking the exam. If you do, the exam will auto submit.
    • At any time during the exam you can mark a question for review. Click on the three horizontal bars and then click For review.
  6. On the last question only the Previous and Submit buttons will display. Click Submit Test to finish the exam. You may wish to review your answers prior to this.
    • If you have marked a question for review the following message will display:
    • If you select yes, a question list will display indicating the status of the question as answered or marked for review. Click the status to open the question.
  7. If the exam is auto corrected and you are successful, a new window will open with a link to view and print the certificate.
  8. The certificate is also available on the Completed page.

Viewing and printing your certificate

  1. Go to your Completed page and click on View Certificate.
  2. Click on the print icon displayed on the top of the page.
  3. The print screen will display, click Print.

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