COVID-19: Member Support


The recent developments of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, first reported in China, are quickly becoming a worldwide news story. We’ve pulled together some reliable resources to help inform and guide CSMLS members on this health care issue.

Reliable Resources

Provincial Public Health Information

Mental Health

Timeline of Events

Take Care of Yourself

Pandemic events can impact the mental and physical health of front line health care workers, including medical laboratory professionals. Here are some resources to help you take care of your mental health.

We're All In This Together - But Apart

With social distancing and self-isolation, it's hard to feel connected to friends and family. We are fortunate to live in a time when digital communications is at everyone's fingertips. There are many different applications you can use to communicate with colleagues, friends, and family from anywhere and at any time. Many of these are free to use.

Food and Essentials

With directives to stay home as much as possible, you or family members may be worried about getting access to essential items, such as food and medicine. Consider these online delivery options.

CSMLS Member Resources

COVID-19 Lab Advocate Tools

Medical laboratory professionals are in the spotlight now that they are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Want to explain the lab’s role in COVID-19 testing? These infographics will help. Share them through email and social media to help raise awareness about how medical laboratory professionals are central to patient care.

CSMLS's Response to COVID-19

Medical laboratory professionals were some of the first health care workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. You stepped up to the challenge and were there for Canadians during this health care crisis.

As your national professional association, it was our responsibility to provide you with the support you needed in this challenging time. You told us your top concerns and priorities, which allowed us to focus on what you needed.

Throughout the pandemic, creating resources to address these needs remained our number one focus. Here’s how you used those resources.


Speaking Up for the Lab

We believe the public should understand the role of Canadian medical laboratory professionals in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why we’ve been speaking to media to ensure accurate information is shared with audiences across Canada.

We are committed to being the voice of the lab throughout the pandemic in order to inform and guide the public, the media and decision-makers across the country.

Take a look at the news articles and interviews below to see where your voice was heard recently.

Ontario Medical Laboratories Adapting to COVID-19 Testing Demands

CSMLS CEO Christine Nielsen spoke to CityNews Toronto about medical laboratory professionals’ important role in the pandemic and the COVID-19 testing surge.

Watch the interview here.

Ottawa’s Newstalk Radio 580CFRA with Evan Solomon

CEO Christine Nielsen spoke with Evan Solomon on Ottawa’s Newstalk Radio about COVID-19 testing and the lab’s role in providing answers to Canadians. Solomon took the time to thank our members, the lab professionals behind the COVID-19 testing, working hard across the country for the health of all Canadians.

Listen to the interview here.

COVID-19 Testing Capacity on the Mike Farwell Show

On March 25, CSMLS CEO Christine Nielsen spoke with Mike Farwell on 570 News regarding the medical laboratory’s role in the COVID-19 pandemic. She explained a few of the challenges around COVID-19 testing capacity and how lab professionals are adapting to increased testing demand.

Listen to the interview below.

CSMLS Responds to COVID-19 Testing Challenges on CBC

With calls to ramp up COVID-19 testing across Canada, there are still challenges we must face. CEO Christine Nielsen spoke with CBC about the importance of having qualified professionals working in the lab.

Read the article here.

CSMLS on CityNews Toronto: “Ontario’s coronavirus testing backlog decreases”

As COVID-19 testing increases in Ontario, medical laboratory capacity is building by the day. CEO Christine Nielsen appeared on CityNews Toronto to explain how medical labs are adapting to the change.

Watch the interview here:

“Long waits for COVID-19 test results reveal Canada’s shortage of lab workers”

CEO Christine Nielsen describes how increased testing demand puts a spotlight on the medical lab professional shortage and the factors behind it.

Read the CBC article here

National Observer: “Laboratory workers are essential workers – and not just during a pandemic”

Medical laboratory professionals are essential workers every day of the year. CSMLS CEO Christine Nielsen explains the vital role of medical laboratory professionals and how they are there for your health throughout your life.

Read the full opinion piece in the National Observer here.

CSMLS Explains Factors Behind Ability to Increase COVID-19 Testing

Medical laboratory professionals are in the spotlight with increasing COVID-19 testing across the nation, and CSMLS CEO explains how medical labs have been able to ramp up testing efforts.

Read the full article here

CSMLS on Keeping Labs Well Equipped for COVID-19 Testing

Technologists are the gatekeepers of COVID-19 testing. That’s why we need to ensure medical laboratory professionals are properly equipped for the fight against the pandemic.

Read the full article featuring CSMLS CEO Christine Nielsen here

CSMLS Responds to Point of Care Testing for COVID-19

While rapid, point of care testing(POCT) may be the ideal way to complete COVID-19 tests, medical laboratories’ high standards of accuracy come first. CSMLS CEO Christine Nielsen spoke to CityNews about the factors behind a recent recall of a promising new POCT test. Watch the video below for details.


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