The Ontario Phlebotomy Symposium

April 7, 2018 – The Michener Institute of Education at UHN (222 St Patrick St, Toronto, ON)

CSMLS, in partnership with BD Canada, proudly presents and educational and engaging experience for anyone involved with blood collection

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Serving Patients with Autism

Speaker: Amanda Saylor, MLA (Training and Education Coordinator, LifeLabs)
Diagnostic procedures, like having blood drawn, can sometimes be a source of anxiety for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This can present challenges during the procedure and result in delays to diagnosis and treatment. LifeLabs, as part of the Serving Customers with Autism program, have implemented protocols to deliver a safe and positive experience for patients with ASD, caregivers and families.

Mental Health in the Workplace

Speaker: Christine Nielsen, BHA, MLT, CAE (CEO, CSMLS)
One in five Canadians will have a clinically defined mental illness in their lifetime. CSMLS is standing up to mental health issues in the workplace. The CSMLS Mental Health Toolkit is designed to empower individuals and employers to take charge and make positive change.

The Patient Experience

Speaker: Don Ross
Compelling insights, from a patient’s perspective, of the impact of venipuncture for blood tests during a long hospitalization.

Preanalytical Jeopardy

Speakers: Susan Csatari, RN (BD Preanalytical Systems)
                   Sue Ann Konopelky, MLT (BD Preanalytical Systems)
Test your knowledge! A fun, interactive Jeopardy game of blood collection practice points, followed by a presentation on new CLSI guidelines and best practice.


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