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Community Service Award

The David Ball Community Service Award is presented annually to a CSMLS member who has made a significant contribution to their community through volunteer service. Read more

National Mental Health

Participate in this important study examining the current state of mental health issues, including stress and burnout, in health care professions. Read more

New CSMLS Webpage: Safety Central

CSMLS has launched a new webpage to distribute laboratory safety information and news all in one place. Read more

June MLT & MLA Exam Results

The results for the MLT and MLA June 2018 examinations are now available! Read more

The Canadian Certification Council of Pathologists’ Assistants (CCCPA-CCCAP) certification reminder

The Canadian Certification Council of Pathologists’ Assistants (CCCPA-CCCAP) would like to remind all practicing Pathologists’ Assistants that would like to apply for certification via the CCCPA-CCCAP to do so before their application deadlines are upon us! Read more

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