What is a CSMLS Ambassador?

As a volunteer Ambassador for the CSMLS you will look for opportunities to tell people about the exciting field of medical laboratory science and its vital role in the Canadian health care system.

This is an opportunity to hone your presenting and public speaking skills while working directly with like-minded professionals. You will have support and resources from the CSMLS office when arranging and delivering presentations about the medical laboratory profession.

In this role, you will:

  • Research, source and secure opportunities to present to schools and community groups
  • Use your personal resources to secure, attend and deliver presentations (ie. phone call/emails, computer use and transportation)
  • Use materials available through CSMLS for presentation delivery
  • Log presentations into the available Ambassador portal

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer Ambassador, please visit the Volunteer Opportunities page.

If you are a community group or school and would be interested in having a CSMLS Ambassador present to your group, please contact us at or at 1-800-263-8277.

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