Diagnostic Cytology announcement

December 14, 2018
The CSMLS will continue to offer the Diagnostic Cytology certification
examination in both English and French.

In October 2018 the CSMLS announced that it would no longer offer a French language version of the Diagnostic Cytology examination as of January 1, 2019. While there have not been any Francophone exam candidates registered since 2014 and there are no accredited Diagnostic Cytology programs available in French, the CSMLS has since become aware of a few employer sponsored francophone students studying in non-accredited programs. The plan to get these students to the labour market included completing the PLA process and sitting the CSMLS certification examination.

The CSMLS Board of Directors re-visited the decision in light of this new information and has elected to continue to offer the examination in both languages until further notice.
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