Updated & New Resources for PLA Clients

January 23, 2013

CSMLS announces the revised refresher course list for internationally educated medical laboratory technologists seeking certification. As of Jan 3, 2013, the updated refresher course list is in effect for any Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) clients taking the exam for certification. The list can be found on the CSMLS website:

Any courses completed or in progress/enrolled prior to January 3, as recommended on the original list, will be honoured within learning plans and by the Certification Department. The upgraded list is an initiative within the Self-Directed Bridging Project, funded by Human Resources and Skill Development Canada. More information on the Project can be found at

CSMLS also developed an “ideal clinical placement blueprint” for PLA clients to use to remediate gaps identified in the credentialing process. The CSMLS self-directed bridging program will provide IEMLTs with the tools and resources to help meet their learning plan requirements in a flexible and effective manner. The blueprint can be found online:

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