Mental Health Toolkit – New Content Release

October 11, 2017

The Mental Health Toolkit is an important tool to support mental health awareness, fight stigma and discrimination, and provide resources to inform, assist and connect us as a professional community.

​​In support of World Mental Health Day (Oct 10th 2017), CSMLS has released new Mental Health Toolkit content to help you enact change and stand up for mental health issues. Check out these highlights:

  • I am a student Our post-secondary education students have unique challenges during one of the most stressful times in their lives. We have created a new section dedicated to their mental wellbeing and hope academic programs will use and distribute this content to reach as many students as possible.
  • Stigma and Discrimination – Learn the difference between these two terms and understand how both negatively impact those with mental health issues. There are many things we can do to change this – use appropriate language, understand the difference between myth and facts, take a free course, create an organizational framework etc.  Find out what you can do!
  • ​​Your VoiceRead the words of CSMLS members and their mental health experience within the workplace. Need advice? They have some too!
Also, check out these photos on Facebook and Twitter of CSMLS members who are standing up for mental health awareness !​
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