Federal Minister of Finance launches pre-budget consultations

December 03, 2013

Federal Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty has recently launched online Pre-Budget consultations. These online consultations are an effort to listen to a wide variety of opinions, as part of a series of ongoing discussions with Canadians on several questions related to the Budget. Responses will be sent directly to the Department of Finance for consideration.

The Government is seeking responses from Canadians on seven specific questions, of which individuals are encouraged to answer all or any that matter most to them. The questions include:

1. How can the federal government help Canadians with the costs of living and raising a family?
2. What can the government do to ensure Canadians are obtaining the skills and knowledge necessary for the jobs of tomorrow?
3. What should be done to further help businesses grow and encourage the hiring of new employees?
4. How can we better streamline regulations and further reduce unnecessary costs that may be holding businesses back?
5. How can the government continue to support a stable environment in which investment and trade flourish?
6. Given the Government’s goal to return to balance by 2015, are there any areas where the federal government can find additional savings and better respect taxpayers’ dollars?
7. Are there any other comments you would like to make regarding the Government’s Economic Action Plan?

CSMLS had a Pre-Budget submission sent for consideration to the Standing Committee on Finance this past August, specifically recommending that the federal government establish and maintain at least one bridging program in each region, to support Internally Educated Medical Laboratory Technologists (IEMLTs); and that MLT graduates be included in incentive programs aimed at recruiting and retaining health care professionals in rural communities.

The Finance Department’s Pre-Budget Online Consultation process allows CSMLS’ membership to have their voices heard regarding these, and other issues of concern. While several questions are listed on the consultation, they in no way need to all be answered in order to complete a submission. Those wishing to make a submission can do so by visiting

If you require further information, please contact Alana Baker at (613) 233-8906 or

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