Dinner & Dialogue

September 22, 2015

Meet colleagues in your community and build connections to the medical laboratory world. The evening includes an educational presentation, dinner and a chance to network with other laboratory professionals. Earn professional development credits for attending.

We start our working careers based on our technical skills. However, what sets us apart in our career is the way we communicate and interact with people. Being able to express yourself clearly and with confidence is essential in both your professional and personal lives. In fact, effective communication is becoming the most important trait we look for in modern leaders.

In this soft skills session, you will:

  • Discuss the importance of communication skills
  • Examine the stages of the communication process
  • Discuss potential barriers to communication and strategies to mitigate them
  • Analyze the effects of different personality styles on communication
  • Identify tips for communicating with different personality styles
  • Learn essential interpersonal and written communication skills that you can apply immediately to make you more effective in your professional and personal lives.

Only $45 for CSMLS members! ($60 for non-members)

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