Board meeting highlights

October 07, 2019
The CSMLS Board of Directors met on September 7 via videoconference. Here are some highlights from that meeting:
  • The Board reviewed CSMLS’s second quarter Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs report on how well CSMLS is achieving its strategic plan and provide a snapshot to the BOD of the organization’s health.
  • The Board reviewed and approved CSMLS’s second quarter financial statements. The Board was satisfied with the organization’s financial health. 
  • The Leadership Team reported to the Board on the development of the tactical plan for 2020.
  • The Board received a report from the Educators Committee, which included a draft guidance document for MLA programs on the use of simulation for competency obtainment. This guidance document will be made available shortly.
  • The Board received a report on the implementation of computer-based testing (CBT) for the CSMLS MLT General and MLA certification exams. The report outlined challenges experienced and plans to ensure a successful transition to CBT moving forward for all CSMLS exams.
  • The Board received an update on the recent advocacy efforts in Alberta, which included an open forum, press conference and a meeting with the Ministry of Health.  These efforts are aimed at ensuring our members have the necessary capital equipment and physical space to be successful and provide optimal patient care.
The next Board meeting will take place November 29-30, 2019, in Hamilton, ON.
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