Strategic Plan

The CSMLS Board of Directors reviewed the strategic plan and made revisions to remain in line with the goals and objectives of the organization. The CSMLS Strategic Plan focuses on these four key areas.

Strengthen Regulatory Functions

The CSMLS is unique as our historical evolution has allowed us to operate as a membership association with regulatory functions. CSMLS takes on key elements that are regulatory in nature, including the creation of competency profiles, certification examinations and prior learning assessments. We will ensure continuing satisfaction with these processes with input from external stakeholders including educators, members, industry experts, employers, and regulators.

Enhance Association Functions

We will work to increase the value proposition for members by reviewing our current membership benefits and determine where we could do more. We will continue to offer and grow the discount program along with providing professional liability insurance, legal defense coverage and high quality continuing education. We will focus on research and examine our advocacy efforts nationally and locally.

We are exploring a new volunteer strategy focusing on recruitment, retention and succession planning. Volunteers are the heart and core of the Society, without them we could never accomplish all that we do.

Provincial Engagement

For CSMLS to have impact across Canada, we have to be active at the local level – as health and education are the domains of each province and territory. We recognize the importance of our relationships with our provincial partners in supporting our members.

Specific areas of support could include:

  • Education – Are there current education offerings that we can partner with, are we offering the right courses? Do we have the technology to support ongoing education?
  • Networking – How can we support provinces and territories from a networking perspective? What tools can we offer to help them stay connected?
  • Advocacy – What could provincial advocacy look like? How can we support the provinces and territories through provincial advocacy?
  • Public and Government Relations – How can CSMLS help increase awareness at the local and provincial level and get our members involved?

Enhanced Relationship with the Education Community

Our educators, in both the medical laboratory technologist and assistant programs, are an important element to the success of future medical laboratory professionals. They teach and shape the future professionals of this industry. We are looking into what an enhanced relationship with educators could look like.

Through a positive educator relationship, we can investigate tools that allow us to reach out to students and talk to them, when and how they want. CSMLS membership is not mandatory in many jurisdictions and we want to encourage these future leaders to join our professional body.

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