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Why Physicians Order Laboratory Tests: A Laboratory...

 Why Physicians Order Laboratory Tests: A Laboratory Perspective (9879-10) Why do physicians order laboratory tests? How can the laboratory respond by providing excellent laboratory results in a timely manner, yet minimize the consistent increase in laboratory workload? These are some of the questions asked and discussed in this course.

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PEP hours: 19
CPS credits: 1.7
Level: Advanced
Course Type: Express
Start Date: Upon registration
Completion: Up to 52 weeks
Delivery: PDF via email
Prerequisites: None
Textbook: N/A
Equipment: Computer with Internet is required
Learning Outcomes:
  • List the many reasons that physicians order laboratory tests.
  • Classify the reasons that physicians order laboratory tests.
  • Describe the measures taken by the laboratory to determine the accuracy and precision of laboratory tests.
  • Discuss how the laboratory evaluates a new test and what the inherent limitations are.
  • Describe the probable reasons for the increase in laboratory workload in recent years.
  • Discuss why the laboratory is interested in the reasons physicians order laboratory tests.
  • Outline some of the studies published that investigated approaches made to influence physician test ordering.
  • Discuss in detail how the laboratory can have an influence on physician ordering patterns.
  • Describe the limitations of the 12-test chemistry profile.
Author/Instructor: John Chapman, FCSMLS, FIMLS, CLSp(H)
Version Date: February 2010