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Microbiology Through The Microscope

 Microbiology through the Microscope (4192-08) Review difficult and uncommon situations encountered in microscopy in the general microbiology laboratory. Stimulate the knowledge of advanced and/or experienced students in the medical microbiology field. Version Date: June 2008

Code 4192-08
Level Advanced

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PEP hours: 37
CPS credits: 2.2
Level: Advanced
Course Type: Intensive
Start Date: January 1 and September 1
Completion: 16 weeks
Delivery: Online via E-Learning Society
  • Expertise in Kohler illumination and Vernier scale.
  • Training and experience in a clinical microbiology laboratory
Textbook: The Direct Smear Atlas: A Monograph of Gram-Stained Preparations of Clinical Specimens. Textbooks can be purchased through the CSMLS bookstore at
Equipment: Computer with Internet is required
Learning Outcomes:
  • Employ cytocentrifugation to prepare smears from CSF and other body fluids
  • Minimize problems in gram smears by using modified techniques
  • Recognize squamous, respiratory and transitional epithelium and inflammatory cells in gram smears
  • Recognize artefacts in stained smears and minimize their occurrence
  • Recognize artefacts in Kinyoun’s Iron Hematoxylin stained smears
  • Recognize cutaneous, subcutaneous and systemic fungi in gram smears
  • To assess and report the quality of specimen
  • Recognize the clue cells associated with bacterial vaginosis
  • Recognize the effects on microorganisms of antimicrobial chemotherapy
  • Recognize bacterial agents of bioterrorism
  • Incorporate Gram's stain into QC and QA programs
  • Increase the clinical relevance of microbiological test results by obtaining the maximum information from each Gram smear
  • Use key indicators with respect to microscopy
Instructor: Bharat Gandhi, S(CCM), M(ASCP), MLT
Version Date: June 2008