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Lymphocytes In Disease

 Lymphocytes in Disease (3050-08) This course focuses on the normal characteristics and functions of lymphocytes and major hematological and clinical features of lymphocytes in disease states. Version Date: August 2008

Code 3050-08
Level Advanced

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PEP hours: 32
CPS credits: 1.3
Level: Advanced
Course Type: Intensive
Start Date: March 1 and October 1
Completion: 12 weeks
Delivery: Online via E-Learning Society
Prerequisites: None
Textbook: N/A
Equipment: Computer with Internet is required
Learning Outcomes:
  • Describe and distinguish the subtypes of lymphocytes, precursors and effector cells with respect to distribution, morphological and phenotypic characteristics
  • Discuss the role of lymphocytes in humoral and cell-mediated immunity
  • List the disease states represented by lymphocyte abnormalities
  • Relate the hematological and clinical findings to lymphocytosis and lymphopenia; acute lymphoblastic leukemias; chronic lymphocytic leukemias; lymphomas; and plasma cell dyscrasias
  • Relate the features of cytochemistry, immunophenotyping and cytogenetics with the various lymphoid neoplasms
Author/Instructor: Pam Quinsey, ART
Version Date: August 2008