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Leukocytes - Measurement Of Neutrophil Function

 Leukocytes - Measurement Of Neutrophil Function (9829-09) Review laboratory procedures within a practical context and improve your ability to make decisions regarding identifying neutrophilic functional defects.

Code 9829-09
Level Advanced

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PEP hours: 11
CPS credits: 0.7
Level: Advanced
Course Type: Express

Start Date: Upon registration
Completion: Up to 52 weeks
Delivery: PDF via email

Prerequisites: None
Textbook: N/A
Equipment: Computer with Internet is required

Learning Outcomes:

  • Summarize granulopoiesis and neutrophil development.
  • Explain the significance of neutropenia with regard to neutrophil function
  • Describe the correct way to collect blood and prepare a neutrophil suspension of viable cells.
  • Explain the principles of separating the individual cellular elements of blood.
  • Identify viable from non-viable separated neutrophils.
  • Explain how in vitro testing can determine if neutrophils have the normal capacity for phagocytosis.
  • Present a method to demonstrate the ability of neutrophils to kill engulfed bacteria.
  • Tabulate the disorders encountered with defective microbial killing ability.
  • Describe the important features of Chronic Granulomatous Disease
  • Describe the nitroblue tetrazolium test ( NBT ) for the diagnosis of chronic granulomatous disease
  • List all of the situations where the NBT test may be helpful in various clinical situations.
  • Briefly explain the concept of flow cytometry as related to neutrophil function testing
  • Explain the principle behind the Rebuck skin window test performed in vivo compared to the Boyden chamber technique which is an in vitro test.
  • Describe the tests that are able to measure neutrophil chemotaxis.
  • Describe which morphological appearances might be helpful with regard to neutrophil function.
  • Outline how all of the neutrophil function test may be applied diagnostically.
  • Present the limitations of neutrophil function tests.

Author/Instructor: John Chapman, FCSMLS, FIMLS, CLSp(H)
Version Date: November 2009