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Kidney: Physiology, Disease And Measurement Of Function

 Kidney: Physiology, Disease and Measurement of Function (4120-08) Enhance your level of understanding kidney function, disorders of kidney function and changes occurring in kidney disorders. This comprehensive course provides the background to assist technologists as they perform measurements in the clinical chemistry or core laboratory setting. Version Date: September 2008

Code 4120-08
Level Advanced

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PEP hours: 40
CPS credits: 1.6
Level: Advanced
Course Type: Intensive
Start Date: March 1 and October 1
Completion: 12 weeks
Delivery: Online via E-Learning Society
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of kidney metabolism and kidney function tests at the MLT level
Textbook: N/A
Equipment: Computer with Internet is required.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand the various functions of the kidney
  • Increase advanced level knowledge of the diseases that affect the function of the kidney
  • Recognize the biochemical changes that occur in kidney diseases
  • Understand the tests available to detect and monitor kidney disease
  • Develop an appreciation of the vital role the kidney plays in maintaining health and how susceptible it is to disease and injury
Author/Instructor: Paul Hutchinson, MLT
Version Date: September 2008