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Genetics For Blood Bankers

 Genetics for Blood Bankers (9840-10) Explore the basic science of molecular biotechnology with emphasis on the applications in transfusion science. Version date: November 2010

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Level Advanced

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PEP hours: 14
CPS credits: 1.0
Level: Advanced
Course Type: Express
Start Date: Upon registration
Completion: Up to 52 weeks
Delivery: PDF via email
Prerequisites: None
Textbook: N/A
Equipment: Computer with Internet is required
Learning Outcomes:
  • Define the terms used for the classical genetics listed in Appendix A
  • Recognize patterns of inheritance with reference to blood group systems.
  • Understand the mechanism of the central dogma of protein synthesis.
  • Relate the structural and functional proteins to the synthesis of various blood group antigens.
  • Understand the process of protein synthesis
  • Define exon, intron, mRNA splicing, missense and nonsense mutation.
  • Give examples of blood group polymorphism due to mutation.
  • Calculate gene frequencies given blood group antigen frequencies in a defined population.
  • Calculate number of donor units should be screened for a patient with multiple alloantibodies.
  • Understand the process of monoclonal antibody production
  • Understand the rules of exclusion in paternity testing
  • Understanding the basic principle of gene cloning and production of recombinant therapeutic plasma proteins
  • Appreciate the knowledge of the genetic background of each blood group systems.
  • Be aware of the therapeutic plasma proteins that can be produced by recombinant technology
Author/Instructor: Eric Ching, ART, MT(ASCP)SBB
Version Date: November 2010