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Anaerobic Bacteriology Part 1: An Introduction To...

 Anaerobic Bacteriology Part 1: An Introduction to Anaerobic Bacteriology (4878-09) Sharpen your skills in presumptive and definitive identification of anaerobes as you consider systems, antimicrobial susceptibility and the pitfalls in anaerobic bacteriology. Version Date: March 2009

Code 4878-09
Level Basic

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PEP hours: 17
CPS credits: 0
Level: Basic
Course Type: Intensive
Start Date: January 1 and September 1
Completion: 12 weeks
Delivery: Online via E-Learning Society
Prerequisites: None
Textbook: N/A
Equipment: Computer with Internet is required
Learning Outcomes:
  • Identify the types of anaerobic indigenous flora found in the human body
  • Identify the common types of anaerobic infections
  • Identify a clinically relevant specimen
  • Recognize various collection methods
  • Recognize a variety of transportation methods
  • Process a specimen for anaerobic culture
  • Isolate anaerobic bacteria using a plate microscope
  • Identify the different types of colonial and cellular morphologies of anaerobes
  • Determine if an organism is aerotolerant
  • Recognize commonly isolated anaerobes
Author/Instructor: Jennine Kafka
Version Date: March 2009