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ABO Discrepancies:A Systematic Approach To Resolve...

 ABO Discrepancies: A Systematic Approach to Resolve Serological Problems (9835-10) Develop or improve your logical, practical approach to resolving problems with ABO/Rh typing, alloantibodies and autoantibodies as you consider various situations and discrepancies that can arise throughout the entire process. Increase patient safety and decrease the amount of time you spend solving problems.

Code 9835-10
Level Basic

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PEP hours: 16
CPS credits: 0
Level: Basic
Course Type: Express
Start Date: Upon registration
Completion: Up to 52 weeks
Delivery: PDF via email
Prerequisites: None
Textbook: N/A
Equipment: Computer with Internet is required
Learning Outcomes:
  • Obtain patient’s history to correlate abnormal blood bank findings
  • List four types of ABO discrepancies
  • Resolve ABO forward grouping in the presence of a cold agglutinin
  • Define polyagglutination
  • Differentiate polyagglutination from panagglutination
  • Classify three types of polyagglutination
  • Differentiate Tn from other types of T polyagglutination
  • Describe two mechanisms of acquired B
  • Use various techniques to differentiate PNH from Hempas
  • Use three common lectins and polybrene to differentiate most forms of polyagglutination
  • Describe rouleaux formation and its effects on ABO determination and the use of saline replacement technique to resolve ABO discrepancy
  • Use appropriate techniques to enhance weak or missing reaction in reverse grouping
  • Recognize mix-field reactions in forward grouping
  • Describe clinical situations where mix-field reaction may occur
  • List possible false positive and false negative reactions in Rh determination
Author/Instructor: Eric Ching, ART, MT(ASCP)SBB
Version Date: April 2010