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Educational Offerings

Welcome to CSMLS Learning Services

CSMLS is proud to be the number one destination for continuing education in the medical laboratory community. Explore the many courses and certificates all designed to help you reach your professional development goals.

Educational Offerings

Browse through the Course Listings to see what we offer. With over 100 courses available, there is something for everyone. Our courses allow you to interact directly with subject experts that provide guidance and support throughout your learning experience.

CSMLS Learning Services offers 2 styles of courses to accelerate your career path.

Express courses

These concise courses can be completed quickly, sometimes in as little as a weekend. They offer an excellent way to maintain competence in a specific subject area. The final assessment for these courses is an optional multiple choice final exam.

Intensive courses

These in-depth courses allow learners to advance their current knowledge or learn entirely new subject matter. Covering broad topics, these courses generally take a few months to complete. In addition to a final exam, learners are required to complete various assignments throughout the course.


Many of our courses are available online, offering you easy and convenient access to your education. Online learning also gives you the flexibility to manage your learning at your pace.


The following free webinars are now available:


Free of charge from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics

The Evolution of D-dimer Testing
For more information and to register click here.

Efforts towards Standardization and Harmonization of Thyroid Function Tests
For more information and to register click here.

Colorado Association for Continuing Laboratory Education (CACMLE)

These webinars are administered by CACMLE. Registration fees are collected by the CSMLS in Canadian dollars.

For more information and to register click here.


Build your resume and your skills with a certificate. CSMLS is proud to offer discipline-specific and interdisciplinary certificates. Depending on where you are in your career, a certificate can help build your knowledge and competence in a specific area or help fulfill your continuing education requirements. With a CSMLS certificate you can keep up-to-date with technology and techniques, which can increase your opportunities for career advancement. Certificates are available in Refresher, Basic and Advanced.