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Academic Dishonesty

Academic dishonesty occurs when a course registrant (student) knowingly and deliberately seeks to obtain an unfair advantage for him/herself or another person for academic benefit. The CSMLS Board of Directors takes the issue of academic dishonesty very seriously. Anyone who engages in academic dishonesty while taking a CSMLS continuing education course and/or module may be subject to academic penalty.

The CSMLS has provided all course registrants with the Academic Dishonesty Agreement, outlining examples of dishonest behaviours and penalties. Please take a moment to read through the agreement.

CSMLS Academic Dishonesty Agreement Learning Services

Academic Integrity Resources

The following resources are intended to assist continuing education participants from accidentally committing plagiarism. They may also prove useful to others, including those who are trying for an ART or writing an article to be published in the CjMLS.

If you are ever in doubt as to whether a particular act constitutes academic dishonesty, please contact our Team Leader, Learning Services.