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Medical Laboratory Technologist Certification Process

The majority of exam candidates have successfully completed a CMA accredited Medical Laboratory Technologist training program. Training programs are available across Canada and usually take between two and three years to complete, including a clinical component.

Approved Accredited Training Programs

CSMLS annually reports on the pass rates of each program. The National Certification Examination Performance report indicates the number of graduates in each program that challenge the exam every year and their success rates of passing the exam.

National Certification Examination Performance Report

Some exam candidates may already be working within the medical laboratory industry and are interested in pursuing certification. The CSMLS will assess these candidates’ prior education and experience to determine their eligibility to challenge the exam. The CSMLS provides support along the way to help candidates to be successful in their certification process.


Learning Plans

CSMLS offers a learning plan option to help those candidates become fully prepared to write the exam by identifying and addressing educational gaps. A Learning Plan can include a combination of refresher courses, subject specific courses or a full training program.


All MLT exam candidates are required to read and complete the Exam Handbook and Application.

More information regarding exam dates and deadlines can be found in the Exam Information page.

Recent Graduates:

If you are a recent graduate that has successfully completed a CMA accredited education program (including programs that have applied for accreditation), you will be eligible to challenge the certification examination if your program completion (graduation) took place within the last 12 months.

We will contact your educational institution on your behalf to verify that you have completed the program requirements. If we are unable to verify program completion, you will be required to provide to us one of the following at your own cost:

  • a notarized copy of certificate and/or transcript confirming successful completion of a CMA accredited educational institution (training program), or
  • a verification of successful program completion (transcript and/or diploma) to be sent to the CSMLS directly from your educational institution


Membership has its benefits
There are many benefits to becoming a member of the CSMLS while you are still a student.

Did you know...

  • Members receive a discount on their examination fees
  • Grants and scholarships are available to student members to help with educational costs

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