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CSMLS has had the pleasure of serving our members over the past 75 years.

Since 1937, medical laboratory technologists (MLTs) and medical laboratory assistants (MLAs) have relied on our organization to provide the most up-to-date news, events, and information to remain informed of what matters most to their professions. As the national certifying body and the national professional society, CSMLS has been proudly representing medical laboratory professionals within Canada.

The goals and objectives of the Society at the time of incorporation in 1937 still reflect what the organization is trying to achieve in today’s day and age. It still remains The Voice of Medical Laboratory Science in Canada.

The goals of the Society in 1937 were:

  • To improve the qualifications and standing of medical technicians (now called technologists) in Canada
  • To promote research endeavors in all branches of laboratory work
  • To ensure, by examination in practical and theoretical knowledge, fully qualified technicians and to grant to them a Certificate as an Associate of the Society
  • To promote closer co-operation between the medical profession and the technician
  • To more efficiently aid the doctor in diagnosing and treating disease

In Spring 2011, the CSMLS began a project to capture the stories and memories of many of the Past Presidents of the CSMLS. After crossing the country, several times, a compilation of the 27 interviews were created. The video series debuted at LABCON2012 during the 75th Anniversary Gala.

The Lab

Past Presidents of CSMLS discuss the conditions of medical laboratories when they began their career as a Medical Laboratory Professional.

Different Roads

Past Presidents of CSMLS reflect on what events lead them to become a Medical Laboratory Professional.


Humble Beginnings

Past Presidents of CSMLS explain the origins of the organization.

The Highs and Lows

Past Presidents of CSMLS remember the highs and lows of the organization over the course of 75 years.


Final Thoughts

Past Presidents of CSMLS share their best wishes and hopes for the organization.


We are grateful to the Past Presidents that agreed to be interviewed for this very special project. It is a small reminder of the hard work and dedication that helped shape this organization to what it is today and into the future.